I started recording “Everything About This Feels Temporary “ in my mobile recording studio in early Fall of 2017. My goal was to release the song as a music video on New Year’s Eve, which meant communication and timing around mixing, mastering, video production, editing, and the marketing campaign had to be perfect.

Once we received the final mix and master from our engineers in Cleveland, Ohio, we could begin video production. I had a loose idea for the concept of a music video based on a conversation I had with a colleague about someone laying on the shore with waves washing over them. I reached out to a videographer, Aaron Cantleberry, who is well-known for his expertise building and flying drones. We did our first day of shooting in late November, 2017 during sunset at a beach in Pacifica, CA. We had very little time to get everything right because we were losing light fast. The waves proved a little too intense, and we couldn’t get it right on the first try. We considered piecing together what we had but decided to go back for a second evening of shooting, even though we were cutting it close. We got what we needed on the second night of shooting and immediately went to editing. We finished the edit just in time and successfully ran an email and ad campaign on the last day of the year and first two weeks of 2018. Here’s what we accomplished:

-After a week our organic reach was up to 10k on Facebook alone.

-Our paid advertising on a small ad budget garnered another 2k impressions, totaling 12,600 impressions.

-After a week on Facebook the video had over 6k views, with 1,645 clicks on the post.

-Our email campaign showed engagement at 32%, almost 20% above the typical engagement percentage in the music industry in the US

-Overseas, our email campaign showed 34% engagement, almost 20% above the industry average

Below you can watch a music video trailer I created to help build hype before the release, which we uploaded to Youtube and Facebook.