I started Embleton in 2014 with a bunch of songs in my heart. The band started in the wake of a two year, unintentional hiatus from music. I recorded my debut album as Embleton, It Did Me Well, in a living room in Canton, Ohio with a bunch of friends. To this day, it proves one of the most life-giving and inspiring seasons of making music I’ve ever experienced. Since then I’ve released a handful of songs and an EP titled Everything About This Feels Temporary. I have big plans for future albums with Embleton as my sound and songwriting evolves. Below are some of the top tracks on my Spotify profile.

A Minor Bird

AMB started with a friend believing in me. In 2008 Nate Netti heard me play some of my first ever solo material during my first year of college (this is material I will never show you, because for the most part it is quite terrible). After hearing me play Nate decided he wanted to start a band with me, and it wasn’t a question of “If”, it was a question of “when”. So we gathered a few other friends and started A Minor Bird, named after a Robert Frost poem. We practiced for nine months before playing our first show at Malone University. Nine months later we released our debut, concept album Where The River Breaks Free. We did mostly weekend warrior tours throughout college and then spent some time in Nashville post-graduation before we disbanded in 2012. I treasure those early years creating music with my best friends.


I started Future Mountain in 2014 because I wanted to record several worship songs I wrote. I created an Indiegogo campaign to fund the project and as part of the incentive package, I recorded an entire EP of repurposed hymns to give away to those who contributed. I dubbed the EP, Oldies, and recorded it myself at home. I had no agenda while recording that little EP, which added to the excitement of creating it. Once the funds were raised I recorded two songs “I worship you” and “Faithful One” with my friend Jeremy Steckel at his studio, Revelator Sound, in Columbus, Ohio. I’m currently working on a full-length album for Future Mountain, with release ambitions for 2020.